Hera Direen is an award winning cabaret performer and producer here in lutruwita. They have under their belt the 2019 Artfully Queer Unifying Voice award, the 2020 30 under 30 Community Champion, (And in a past life the 2015 Mr. Boylesque Tasmania king).

Producer of QT Cabaret Hera has years of experience creating costumes on the fly, giving a dingey pub a queer neo classical make over, and furthering the gay agenda with their scripts; Zeb A Gender Odyssey (produced by Tasmania Performs), and RATTLE (Self produced).

They are currently studying an MFA in Cultural Leadership at NIDA, and hopes to one day be happy.








TERF-wars was seeded in Blue Cow Theatre’s Cowshed program for young writers ‘Future Proof’

Photo: Amy Brown

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