APPLY NOW for Space 019/020 : For Lease : Up to 196m2 of High Visibility High Profile Commercial Retail Absolute Street Frontage

Offered for the first time in decades this high profile Arts Retail Space of up to 196m2, which has been successfully operated as Galley Salamanca, is now available in a possibility of configurations:

  • in its current configuration of ca 196m2 of absolute street front retail with ample back of house storage, cornering Salamanca Place and Wooby’s Lane
  • OR as 3 separate spaces:
    – corner retail space (Space 020) of ca 52m2;
    – Salamanca Place retail space (Space 019) of ca 69m2:
    – a separate retail or related space (Space 11B) on Wooby’s Lane (opposite The Den) of ca 94m2.
  • OR as a combination of two of more spaces in a range of configurations up to a total of ca 196m2.

The space is located on the Ground Floor of the Morrison Building of Salamanca Arts Centre, with three entrance doors opening on to Salamanca Place (Space 019 and Space 020) and Wooby’s Lane (Space 011B).

For more information and to APPLY ONLINE go to : Space 019 / 020



APPLY NOW for 2021 : All Venues | Applications Close 30 September 2020

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications
for inclusion in 2021 Calendar. 

SAC Assesses applications for our venues twice annually, with the due dates for submissions as 30 April and 30 September each year (excluding Special Rounds).

Applications are sought from Arts Organisations and companies, solo artists, duos and groups of artists; for exhibitions, installations, performances, concerts, workshops, film events, creative developments and rehearsals.

For more information on the hire of the each venue, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please visit the applicable venue page below and download the Conditions of Hire (PDF).

For more information on each venue and to APPLY please visit the venue page below:

midnight Wednesday 30 September 2020

Please note: All Applications must be completed online. Paper submissions or submission by any other means will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at

Apply Now for NIMBLE :
A program of support for local artists in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Salamanca Arts Centre announces NIMBLE,
a program of support for local artists
in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

We know that, as a result of the global pandemic and its social and economic consequences, artists have lost opportunities. As one way of continuing to support local artists, Salamanca Arts Centre is waiving our Venue Hire Charges for successful NIMBLE Applicants and invites Tasmanian artists to express interest in using our venues; including the Peacock Theatre, the Long Gallery and other exhibiting and performance spaces, in some way that allows your creativity to be realised in a professional space.

We have to accept that things are not as they were, so audiences – if you want them – cannot be as large as you might have hoped. But there are still things that you can do; you might use our space for creative development or rehearsal, to film a performance for live-streaming or delayed broadcast. You might have a live performance and invite family and friends only for an intimate experience, you might screen a film in the theatre, you might curate an exhibition of your artist friends’ works and have a small opening event, you might get some friends together to do readings of a script that you’ve been working on, maybe this is an opportunity to get the band back together. Your event might be private or intimate, or you can sell tickets if you wish – it’s up to you.

There are some conditions attached; you will need to work in with the existing availability of the venues. We can assist in some marketing and promotion, but other assistance, such as technical assistance, or gallery sitting or front of house assistance may be very basic or, depending upon your circumstances, it might be that we are unable to extend our support that far. But we are really keen to hear what ideas are out there and how, together, we can help bring your creative ideas to reality in 2020.

The venues that are available as part of NIMBLE include: the Long Gallery, Peacock Theatre, Kelly’s Garden, and the Founders Room.


All of the available dates have now been filled via the NIMBLE Program and we thank all of the applicants. We have some very exciting project coming soon as a result of the NIMBLE Program and can’t wait to share them with you.

NIMBLE will re-open if dates become available as a result of a cancellation or postponement.
So that we can notify you as soon as NIMBLE re-opens, please register your details in the Alert Me Online Form HERE.

Image Credits:
SAC35 Installation (2012). Long Gallery. Photograph by Craig Opie.
Peacock Theatre. Photographs by Nicole Robson.

Call for Expressions of Interest :
SAC Courtyard Redevelopment :
Public Art & Furniture Design Commissions

Call for Expressions of Interest : <br>SAC Courtyard Redevelopment : <br>Public Art & Furniture Design Commissions

Through the generous support of the Australian Federal Government,
Salamanca Arts Centre has been awarded a Commonwealth Regional Grant
of $200,000 towards the redevelopment
of the Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard.

Salamanca Arts Centre has engaged PlayStreet to develop plans for the Courtyard landscaping project, and as part of the overall redevelopment. This will also include a commissioned artwork as well as new furniture, both to be designed by a Tasmanian-based artist and designer/maker.

The Courtyard redevelopment will also include additional sound and lighting equipment and a redesigned performance stage. We expect that the Courtyard redevelopment project will be completed by November 2020 and ready to be opened to the public at that time.

How to Apply

For more information on the Public Art Commission, please DOWNLOAD the Artists Brief (PDF)

For more information on the Furniture Design Commission, please DOWNLOAD the Designers Brief (PDF)

WEDNESDAY 1 July 2020

Please note: All Applications for must be completed online. Submissions by any other means will not be accepted. For more information please contact

Image Credits: The Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard, April 2020. Photographs by Ainslie Macaulay.

25 March 2020 (UPDATED 29 MARCH 2020) : Statement from Salamanca Arts Centre and COVID-19

25th March 2020 (UPDATED 29 MARCH 2020)
Salamanca Arts Centre
The COVID-19 issue continues to develop daily and I have been in contact with the SAC Board daily to develop our responses to a range of challenges as they arise.
We recognise that COVID-19 is a local and global community issue, and whilst the implications to SAC and its operations are manifold, the primary focus needs to be to prevent the spread of the virus in every way we can.
Whilst we took early steps to install additional hand sanitiser units in toilets and other appropriate locations within the Arts Centre, and though our contract cleaners have been giving greater attention to hand rails, handles, lift buttons, etc., in the interests of our staff, tenants, residents and the public, we decided to close public access to the Long Gallery, the Sidespace Gallery, the Studio Gallery and the Top Gallery, and most other parts of the Arts Centre effective from 12 noon Monday 23rd March.

At this stage, SAC Administration continues to be staffed, but if you need to meet with us, we ask that you arrange an appointment via email.

I know that some other organisations within the Arts Centre have chosen to have their staff work from home or are meeting with clients by appointment only.
The majority of SAC retail outlets have made the choice to discontinue trading, though where some might continue to trade, the public will be allowed access to those areas and those retailers.  However, if you wish to contact any particular retailer or other business that operates from within Salamanca Arts Centre you should contact them directly, prior to trying to visit their premises.

Should it be the case that all SAC retailers choose to cease trading, then we will close the building at those access points to ensure that security is maintained.

SAC acknowledges that our residents: whether they be artists in studios, retailers, arts organisations, or independent artists with whom we had hoped and expected to work over the coming weeks and months, are also being affected by the social and economic implications of COVID-19. Hundreds of cultural events have already been cancelled, and SAC, mindful that this is causing both enormous and added stress to artists’ financial challenges, is looking to see how we can, in a range of ways, mitigate those effects and continue to support our residents.

Whilst of course the effects of COVID-19 will add to the daily stress that is an inherent part of working in an Arts Centre, we cannot take this most recent challenge personally.

SAC will continue to review and respond, whilst maintaining a perspective between panic and prudence. Prudence is reviewing what we do so that it will have practical and proven ways to reduce, limit or contain the spread of the virus. We are looking at this situation as an opportunity to enact precautions that may, even if indirectly, save someone from being severely affected by the virus.

Knowing that the situation changes daily, and sometimes by the hour, SAC will continue to adhere Government Public Health Directions and Guidelines. They can be found at and

expect that regular updates will be provided to SAC staffresidents and our public as developments and information relevant to COVID-19 become evident and available.

Whist the movement of people is being affected and this means we are unable to be in the physical presence of art and artists, I hope we all take this requirement to change how we live at the moment, also as an opportunity to engage with art and to support artists in those ways that the current restrictions still allow.

You can purchase (either by download or in a book shop – whilst they remain open) and read a book by an Australian author. You can download music composed and/or performed by an Australian composer or band or orchestra. You can pay to watch an Australian movie, or an Australian opera, or an Australia play that is available to be accessed via the Internet.

There are still many ways that we can support Australian artists, both financially and emotionally; you might be able to send them a message to tell them you have just purchased and are reading their book, etc. I suspect they will really appreciate that at the moment.

So a couple of recommendations from me, for whilst you’re spending some time at home: The novel, ‘Autumn Laing‘ by the wonderful Australian author, Alex Miller. [ go to ] or listen to the beautiful ‘Time is a River‘ by Australian composer, Graeme Koehne. [ go to ] 

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the implications of Covid19 on businesses or activities within Salamanca Arts Centre, I invite you to contact me at

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy. Please adhere to those ways of behaving that we know will limit the spread of the virus, and please be understanding of each other and smile, even from a distance, if you pass a stranger.

Joe Bugden

Salamanca Arts Centre

A note from Marketing and Communications:

We will duplicate all updates both on our social media platforms and SAC’s wonderful website. We will continue to publish the SAC e-news each fortnight that will not only post the most recent update from us but also be suggesting other ways to support Austrailan artists and of course, top recommendations from SAC staff as Joe has above.

Kind Regards

Tash Newman
Communications and Marketing
Salamanca Arts Centre