Covid19 – A statement from Salamanca Arts Centre

23rd March 2020

A Statement regarding Covid19

The Covid19 issue continues to develop daily and I have been in contact with the SAC Board daily to develop our responses to a range of challenges as they arise.
We recognise that Covid19 is a local and global community issue, and whilst the implications to SAC and its operations are manifold, the primary focus needs to be to prevent the spread of the virus in every way we can.

We have already taken steps to install additional hand sanitiser units in toilets and other appropriate locations within the Arts Centre and are working with our contract cleaners to ensure greater attention is given to hand rails, handles, lift buttons, etc.

In the interests of our staff, tenants, residents and the public, we have decided to close public access to the Long Gallery, the Sidespace Gallery, the Studio Gallery and the Top Gallery, effective from Monday 23rd March.

At this stage, SAC administration continues to be staffed, but if you need to meet with us, we ask that you arrange an appointment via email.

I know that some other organisations within the Arts Centre have chosen to have their staff work from home or are meeting with clients by appointment only.
Where there are SAC retail outlets that choose to continue trading, the public will be allowed access to those areas and those retailers.

Should it be the case that all SAC retailers choose to cease trading, then we will close the building at those access points to ensure that security is maintained.

SAC acknowledges that our residents: whether they be artists in studios, retailers, arts organisations, or independent artists with whom we had hoped and expected to work over the coming weeks and months, are also being affected by the social and economic implications of Covid19. Hundreds of cultural events have already been cancelled, and SAC, mindful that this is causing both enormous and added stress to artists’ financial challenges, is looking to see how we can, in a range of ways, mitigate those effects and continue to support our residents.

Whilst of course the effects of Covid19 will add to the daily stress that is an inherent part of working in an Arts Centre, we cannot take this most recent challenge personally.

SAC will continue to review and respond, whilst maintaining a perspective between panic and prudence. Prudence is reviewing what we do so that it will have practical and proven ways to reduce, limit or contain the spread of the virus. We are looking at this situation as an opportunity to enact precautions that may, even if indirectly, save someone from being severely affected by the virus.

Knowing that the situation changes daily, and sometimes by the hour, SAC’s will continue to adhere Government Public Health Directions and Guidelines. They can be found at and that regular updates will be provided to SAC staffresidents and our public as developments and information relevant to Covid19 become evident and available.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the implications of Covid19 on businesses or activities within Salamanca Arts Centre, I invite you to contact me at

Joe Bugden

Salamanca Arts Centre

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