SAC Staff Changes :
Creative Producer

A note from the CEO:

On 2 June 2018 Kath Melbourne advised me that she is unable to execute all her duties according to her position description, and as such Kath tendered her resignation.  In accepting Kath’s resignation I have also taken the opportunity to thank Kath for her contribution to SAC this year and to convey our best wishes for her future endeavours and recovery.

During the past month or so Emma Porteus, who has managed SAC’s Situate Art in Festivals program, has also been Acting Creative Producer, and will now take on the all encompassing role of Creative Producer, Arts & Public Programs (of which Situate Art in Festivals is a part). I have every confidence that Emma will continue to do a fantastic job in her new role as SAC continues to develop new projects, to support artists to create new works of national significance to connect, through their art, with our audiences and other communities.

– Joe Bugden, CEO

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