Courtyard Workshops

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Courtyard Workshops

As part of the redevelopment and upgrades
to the Courtyard at Salamanca Arts Centre,
SAC is introducing a new type of space in 2019 :
the Courtyard Workshops.

The Courtyard Workshops aim
to engage the community and visitors to SAC
with the arts making, creating and design process.

Visitors to SAC will be able to see and engage with Courtyard Workshop Artists working on-site, demonstrating their skills in their particular medium and showcasing their talents.

Each Courtyard Workshop will focus on a specific single Arts Discipline (e.g. printmaking, jewellery, ceramics, textile) with all Artists associated with each Courtyard Workshop working within the same Arts Discipline.


The Courtyard Workshops are located on the Ground Floor of the Willis and Morrison Buildings, in Spaces adjacent to the Courtyard, providing the highest visibility and creating a centralised hub of making, creating and design.

Several Spaces have been re-zoned from Arts Retail to Courtyard Workshop.

The Courtyard Workshop Spaces include:

  • Space 011 
  • Space 012 
  • Space 017 
  • Space 022
  • Space 024

Applying for a Courtyard Workshop

Join the Community at SAC

SAC invites applications from Individual Artists or Groups of Artists (including CoOperatives, Incorporated Associations, Organisations and Arts Businesses) for the following Courtyard Workshops:

  • Space 011 : 38m2 : Monthly Rent $1,168.16* approx
  • Space 012 : 22m2 : Monthly Rent $1,262.44* approx
  • Space 022 : 42m2 : Monthly Rent $1,334.17* approx
  • Space 024 : 26m2 : Monthly Rent $800.13* approx


Residencies are for a period of 3 years (commencing 1 April 2020).

For more information on the Courtyard Workshops at SAC, please DOWNLOAD the Courtyard Workshops Information Kit (PDF).

midnight MONDAY 21 October 2019

*Monthly Rent is approximate, as it includes an estimate of the CPI increase to come into effect as of 1 March 2020. A more accurate Monthly Rent figure will be available at the end of January 2020. 

Please note: All Applications for Courtyard Studios must be completed online. Submissions via any other means will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Operations Coordinator via email at

Alert for Next Call for Applications

To be notified of the next Call for Applications for Courtyard Workshops, including Special Rounds (as a result of a vacancy etc.), please complete the ALERT ME Online Form and you will be contacted once the next Call for Applications opens.

Information Kit

For more information on the Courtyard Workshops at SAC, please DOWNLOAD the Courtyard Workshops Information Kit (PDF).

Image Credit: Nicole Robson