Feminine Artistic Desire (FAD)

Laura Purcell

Feminine Artistic Desire (FAD)

This HyPe Creative Shot will involve Laura Purcell to spend 2 weeks in creative development in furthering the definition, concept and creative mechanisms of digital platform and art-work entitled Feminine Artistic Desire (FAD). Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2010, Laura Purcell has been in the process of redefining her contemporary art practice. The FAD website (www.feminineartisticdesire.com), an artwork in its own right, was recently created to house Laura’s breadth of professional skills and experiences. A blog treated like an art journal, or an open studio, demonstrates and shares Laura’s art-making processes. It is a site where on-going/completed solo and collaborative works will be housed and a place to further explore the concept behind ‘feminine artistic desire’ and through artistic enquiries utilising Laura’s disciplines in theatre performance, puppetry, visual arts and dance. The project aims are to:

• define the nature of my work towards being classified as a hybrid artist.

• establish a suitable working platform where I can generate new audiences and engage with these new patrons.

The Creative Development will explore:

• Arts Practice. How and where various skills and knowledge in my current art practice can be interwoven to challenge approaches in my art-making processes. Enquiries: What is hybrid inside FAD? Where does hybridity already emerge in my projects? How can this site not only contain but blend disciplines together?

• Artwork. Develop a flexible 6-12 month blog schedule, which will inform the direction of art works to be created and explored.

• Gender. Explore the initial concepts of femininity. How will it inform or affect the art-making process? What imagery and text-based content will best address the enquiries? Why address gender?

• Audience. Explore a range of methods and techniques for communicating with an online audience. How can this exploration inform the blog scheduling?

• Location. Explore the digital site/situation from the perspective of the artist and the patron. What kind of online environment will attract and encourage an audience to engage and to return to the site? How do I want my audience to feel?

Laura Purcell

I practice across the disciplines of performance, dance, puppetry and visual art. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2010, focusing on contemporary sculpture complimenting my Bachelor of Performing Arts (Theatre). My artistic practice activates spaces, animates the inanimate and highlights artistic processes. I engage and entertain audiences in a variety of sites and situations which live in and beyond traditional performance spaces and explore my ideas through a broad range of mediums.