My Darling Patricia


Mobile States 2011 and Salamanca Arts Centre present My Darling Patricia’s Africa.

THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE FROM AUSTRALIAN SUBURBIA. Australia’s new wave of visual theatre from award winning company My Darling Patricia.

“…funny, beautiful and heartbreaking.” The Australian

Deep in Australian suburbia, we see broken toys, sun-faded furniture, and chaos – but children imagine a world of wonder and delight. Inspired by the true story of two German children who set off to elope to Africa, My Darling Patricia re-imagine this tale as the ultimate escape from Australian suburbia. Africa is a work for adults that explores both the fragility and resilience of children.

Conceived, Designed and Created by: MY DARLING PATRICIA
Concept: Sam Routledge
Writer/Director: Halcyon Macleod
Design: Clare Britton & Bridget Dolan
Performers/Puppeteers: Michelle Robin Anderson, Anthony Ahern, Clare Britton, Jodie Le Vesconte & Sam Routledge
Composer & Sound Designer: Declan Kelly
Puppets: Bryony Anderson
Lighting Designer: Lucy Birkinshaw