PVI Collective


Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre, Mobile States and PVI Collective.

A moral crusade against civil disobedience hits the streets.

reform is a unique interactive performance combinedwith radio narrowcast for a small audience to take on-foot in the city streets.  Tuning in via portable fm radios and headsets, audiences are invited to follow PVI’s elite anti-social behaviour taskforce, the Loyal Citizens Underground.

A radical version of community watch gone awry, the Loyal Citizens Underground (ICU) will patrol Hobart’s Salamanca Place, taking the moral high ground to see who else is willing and able to reform. Equipped with wireless microphones, cb radios, code of conduct cards and an overzealous enthusiasm for current legislation, laws and social standards, the ICU discover a ripe underbelly of civil disobedience amongst unwitting pub crawlers, tourists and restaurant goers.


Audience strictly limited to 25 people