Alex Fried

Resident Artist from January 1998 – April 2013

Alex Fried

Alex Fried is a jeweller specialising in titanium and experimental techniques.

After years of working with more conventional materials, Alex Fried began the pursuit of bright, pure, permanent colours without the use of pigments, metal oxides, solvents, fixatives, dyes or acids by heat-colouring titanium.  It took him nine years to master the colouring technique, culminating in the achievement of most difficult colours: blue-green and green.  Along the way he discovered techniques and invented equipment specifically for titanium work. Some of this has to be carried out in a red-hot state.  Due to its toughness, every stage in the working process of the metal takes longer and requires more effort than work with other metals.  His perseverance is inspired by the natural world and a vision of the completed piece.

Alex is represented by Handmark Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre. 

Image Credit: Alex Fried, Titanium rings.