Gus Howe

Resident Artist from March - June 2020

Gus Howe

Gus Howe is an emerging Tasmanian artist,
who incorporates a variety of mediums
into his arts practice, including:
analogue photography, collage,
painting, woodwork, sculpture, drawing,
and printmaking.

“I finished school in 2010 and have since spent two years at TAFE and four at the University of Tasmania, learning various arts and crafts.

Having a wide angle of focus, my work is often allegorical, exploring my thoughts and feelings pertinent to birth, life, death, the Universe and everything.

The greatest impetus and the reason for my work is the search for knowledge and understanding. By sharing myself and my ideas I hope others too may share themselves and their ideas to create a dialogue of understanding both for each other and for their own benefit in understanding their ‘visual key,’ as the master of knowledge is experience, we are all students.”
Gus Howe

Solo exhibitions by Gus Howe at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Summer Feel Good Make Love (2020)

Gus’ Residency at Salamanca Arts Centre in 2020 is part of the SAC Emerging Artist Scholarship.

Image Credits: Gus Howe.Meeting of the Whittled Wooden Birds 1# and Meeting of the Whittled Wooden Birds 2#.