Helen Anderson

Resident Artist in December 2019

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson is a visual artist
based in Melbourne.

Helen Anderson’s recent paintings explore the relationships between fear, darkness and our relationship to the natural world. They were born out of a fascination for the dark and its eternal mystery, representing scenes from the subconscious, dreams or memory. 

“I am interested in the expectancy of the dark, as a metaphor for that which we cannot see; darkness as a veil which obscures vision and allows us to imagine what might occur. There is a moodiness here, a disquiet, an eeriness, a sense of foreboding. All manner of activities take place under the mask of night, things which would never occur in daylight. In this way the darkness becomes pregnant with unseen possibilities; it is in this way it activates our most primal fears. In these spaces the natural becomes unnatural or supernatural, senses become heightened and colour more saturated, more intense.”
Helen Anderson

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Image Credits. Courtesy of the artist.