Jacqui Louise Ward

Resident Artist in 2018 & 2019

Jacqui Louise Ward

Jacqui Louise Ward
is a Tasmanian based emerging visual artist,
interested in creating sculptural forms
that become the subject of her photography.

Jacqui is curious about the convergence of science and art and the notion of aesthetic experience. The ambiguity of disease, its growth and how this presents in our internal and external landscapes are currently the common themes in her work. 

“It is the journey that is captivating when combining science and art, as like a disease,
it is the end that is the mystery.”
Jacqui Louise Ward

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Solo exhibitions by Jacqui Louise Ward at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Un Momenta (2021)
Nautical Nexus (2019)
adrift, this is not a dream (2019)
Lux noctis : Night Light (2018)

Jacqui Louise Ward was also a SAC Resident Artist in Short Term Studio Space 238 from from March – June 2018 and July 2019, and Space 126 in August 2019.

Image Credits: © Jacqui Ward