Julie Stoneman :
Topology Design

Resident Artist from September 2013 - January 2016

Julie Stoneman : <br>Topology Design

TOPOLOGY from the Greek TOPOS ‘place’ refers to the study of spatial dynamics and the interconnections of place

Via TopologyLong-web-logo Design, Julie Stoneman brings the aesthetic qualities of the wild environments into our interior spaces through her range of products, including hand silk screened endangered species tea towels, pen and ink drawing prints, wall wraps and porcelain vessels. All of the designs celebrate Tasmania’s iconic landscapes and rare and endangered species.

Julie Stoneman also produces a range of contemporary ‘one off’ large scale porcelain works.

Solo exhibitions by Julie Stoneman at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
DISSOLVE  (2019)

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Image Credits:
All by Julie SToneman (Topology Design)
Spotted Handfish (2013). Tea Towel.
40 Spotted Pardalote (2013). Tea Towel.
Cape Raoul (2013). Tea Towel.
Fluted Cape (2013). Tea Towel.