Justine Wake

Resident Artist in December 2018

Justine Wake

Justine Wake is a contemporary painter.

“I work mostly as a painter but I also use a diverse range of media to explore the themes I am focusing on at any given time. For the past twenty years I have worked as a therapist, completing a masters level training in arts psychotherapy. Recently I have returned more conscientiously to my own art practice and have been trying to find a metaphor for my art practice, something that has been such an important companion all of my life.

There’s a bit of science around the idea that trees, as they age become better at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere (keep our old trees standing!). I feel like this is the case with my Arts Practice – yes, I’ve developed some more skills and I’ve spent a lot of time drawing painting, creating etc. etc. but I think the thing I’m actually getting better at, is absorbing the world I experience and using it creatively. I think being a family person, and my work as a psychotherapist has really helped with that too.

So I guess that my Arts Practice is like the leaves and fruits of an absorbent ageing tree!”
Justine Wake 

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Justine Wake completed a Self Funded Arts Residency at Salamanca Arts Centre in December 2018.

Image Credits:
Key Image: Justine Wake. Amalthea’s shadow (detail) (2019). Oil on Canvas. 180cm x 120cm. 
Additional Images:
Justine Wake. It took ages to find these (detail) (2019). Oil on Canvas. 90cm x 120cm. 
Studio image: Tweed Regional Gallery Residency 2019