Resident Artist in January 2020 | December 2020 - February 2021


“I have a passion for sculpture
but I’m good at drawing.
However, I always want to be a painter,
but my work usually ends up with installation art.”

Originally from Korea, emerging artist KwonY_K has travelled and studied in 28 countries before settling in Hobart for her art practice.

KwonY_K‘s early work predominately focused on drawing and painting but later moved into abstract works and installation art using non-traditional artists’ mediums like pulped paper, wood, and light. She has a deep rapport with the textures, patterns, and forms found in the built and landscape while firmly connected through the plants, which are in turn the physical matter of her art.

KwonY_K’s installation work Yes! Your Name in Lights was installed at Salamanca Arts Centre in the Young Building Stairwell in December 2019.

KwonY_K’s Residency at Salamanca Arts Centre from December 2020 – February 2021 is part of the SAC Emerging Artist Scholarship.

KwonY_K was also a SAC Resident Artist in Space 243 in January 2020.

Image Credits: All images courtesy of KwonY_K (2020)