Leonie Struthers :
lj struthers

Resident artist from June 2010 - May 2021

Leonie Struthers :<br>lj struthers

lj struthers clothing by Leonie Struthers
has a timeless wearability,
which allows for the garments to be worn
season to season, year after year.

This, supported by the attention given to the workmanship in each ljstruthers garment means that the investment made in purchasing an ljstruthers design will see the wearer happy for many years to come.  The designs are simple yet sculptural giving the wearer the opportunity to embrace the pieces and reflect their own style, with age or size of no barrier. The designs harmonise with the textures and tones of the natural fabrics used to produce each garment.

lj struthers clothing has been produced solely in Tasmania since the label’s inception in 2005 and can be purchased from the maker.

Image credits: Siida Photography