Melly Frank

Resident Artist from April 2017 - April 2019

Melly Frank

Melly Frank is a Tasmanian contemporary jeweller

Melany Franklin (Melly Frank) is a Tasmanian contemporary jeweller who is greatly inspired by bees and natures law of change….the only constant in life is change.

She strives to make high quality contemporary jewellery with an element of change that the wearer can interact with in some way.

She is passionate about jewellery existing in its own right when not worn on the body.

Her handmade Sleeping Stone Sculptures have been developed as a means to display her jewellery and allow it to be enjoyed just as much when not being worn.

Melany was also a member of MIXTAPE, a collective of three artists (including Pixe Link and Lorena Cabezas) in Space 119A from April 2017 – April 2019, collaborating on creative works that are showcased in [spacebar gallery].

Image Credits:
Melly Frank. Flight Necklace. Sterling silver.
Melly Frank. Sunflower Vessel Ear Studs. Sterling silver and removable textiles.
Melly Frank. Sunflower Vessel Ring and Blossom Vessel Ring. Sterling silver and removable textiles.