Peter Barraclough Studio & Gallery

Resident Arts Retailer from February 2001 - April 2019

Peter Barraclough Studio & Gallery

Peter Barraclough‘s Studio and Gallery
was located on the ground floor
overlooking the Courtyard.

Passers-by, friends, tourists, art lovers and students were attracted by the smell of oil paint drift in whilst Peter Barraclough was working, for a chat and to observe an artist at work.

“It makes for a most pleasurable working day, as I am not fazed by having onlookers watch and comment, which often happens when I am working outdoors”
– Peter Barraclough

This traffic in and out of the studio often lead to requests for tuition; Peter found that folk love to watch him at work and to experience the process of creation from a blank canvas or sheet of paper to a finished piece. As he worked, Peter explained why some marks he make were working while others were not. While a knowledge of composition, technique, perspective and colour theory are all important, as an old painting lecturer at his art school in Liverpool in England used to emphasise, “Don’t forget the three-H principle: Heart, Head and Hand.”
When all three are working together, happiness reigns.

Peter Barraclough Studio & Gallery was located in Space 022 from February 2001 – April 2019.

In April 2019, Peter moved to a Studio Space 124.


Image Credit Nicole Robson.