Ryo Yamauchi

Resident Artist from July 2015 - January 2016 / February 2018

Ryo Yamauchi

Ryo Yamauchi is a contemporary photographer who has worked mainly in the far-north including Iceland, Alaska and Svalbard (Norway). Her visual expression is built on aesthetics and cultural philosophy from Japan, where she grew up, as well as landscape and painting from Australia, where she has been based for the past 5 years.

“Traveling through vast and remote wilderness has shaped the landscape inside me. Carrying this inner wilderness has enriched my life. Nurturing one’s inner landscape is valuable to and almost indispensable for personal development and wellness.”
-Ryo Yamauchi

Ryo’s interest lies in the cognition of the external environment and inner consciousness. Drawing inspiration from her interests in semiotics and neuroscience, she explores how we as humans embrace and interact with external environments. In 2018, she is revisiting traditional film photography and printing methods in order to further her visual expression.

Image Credit: Ryo Yamauchi. From the series silence is verticalThe work was developed in the artist-in-residence program at NES Artist Residency, Iceland.