Speak Cryptic

Resident Artist in January - February 2020

Speak Cryptic

Farizwan Fajari,
professionally known as Speak Cryptic,
is an artist currently working and living
in Singapore.

Influenced by the visual language prevalent within the cultures of punk, underground music and of being a Singaporean, Malay of Baweanese descent, he utilises personal iconographies along with a cast of characters that he has been developing over the years and applies them to various visual narratives inspired by his own observations on current affairs and his immediate environment.

Exhibitions include a solo show at Chan + Hori Contemporary (Singapore, 2019 & 2017) and at Officina Delle Zattere (Venice, Italy 2015) and Group Exhibitions such as Art From the Streets (Singapore, 2018), the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Biennale in 2017, Secret Archipelago (Paris, France 2015), Budi Daya (Singapore 2014), the Singapore Biennale (2013) and Future Proof (Singapore 2012).

Speak Cryptic is represented by Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore and Krisstel Martin, Venice, Italy.

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Speak Cryptic’s Residency at Salamanca Arts Centre in January & February 2020 is part of SAC’s International Arts Residency Program.

Image Credits:
Key Image: Truth to Power (2019). Acrylic on wall.
Additional Images:
Artist Speak Cryptic at Chan + Hori Contemporary.
State of Decline (2018). Acrylic on wall.
Sing Along if You Know the Words (2019). Acrylic paint on wall.
Crossing Shores (2019). Acrylic paint on fibreglass 4m (H), 6m (L)