Vaughan McMillan

Resident Artist in November 2017

Vaughan McMillan

Vaughan McMillan is an emerging First Nations artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
She is an interdisciplinary artist
working in the mediums of drawing,
painting, writing and textiles.

My attraction to the ordinary lies in the fact that it is often overlooked and under appreciated. Our day-to-day lives have much to teach us about the larger community that we are a part of. I use found fabrics to create soft sculptures of everyday objects and fragments of text from my own writing. My work is focused on my everyday experiences with the people, places and objects that surround me. Identity and the social positions we hold within society are of interest to me because I am concerned with understanding how we can find connections with one another through our use of everyday banal objects and food consumption.”
– Vaughan McMillan

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Image Credits: Vaughan McMillan