Yolanda Zarins

Resident Artist from January 2017 - February 2018

Yolanda Zarins

Yolanda Zarins is a print textile designer living and practicing in Hobart, Tasmania.  Happiest on bush wanderings, bursting with admiration for her surroundings, many of her Tasmanian designed and made textiles pay homage to the local natural landscape.  Fragments of ferns, native flora and bush imaginings are realised as hand inked marks before being translated directly onto a silk screen and printed directly onto cotton or flax based cloth for home decor.

“My work is characterised by a unique production process where no two inches of fabric are ever the same.  I delight in creating unique, one of a kind textile works for people.  A contemporary take on traditional techniques, paired with a slow, considered approach to design and material selection means that my textiles can be enjoyed for many years to come”. – Yolanda Zarins  


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Yolanda Zarins shared Studio 227 with Cassie Sullivan and Emily Arlotte.

Image Credits:  Natalie Mendham, 2016.  Seth Fehlberg, 2015.