Escape Pod

by Colin Langridge

Escape Pod

Floods, fires and a pandemic – escape is tantalising to us in the face of these threats.

A lifeboat promises liberty and offers hope, and as art it sets the imagination free and transports us from the limitations of our daily routine.

Inspired by the emergency lifeboat of the recently decommissioned Aurora Australis icebreaker, which was a prominent feature of the Hobart waterfront, Escape Pod  by Colin Langridge provides a historical reference to these past three decades.  The bright orange colour is a visual link to the ship that berthed only 200 metres from this site.

Acknowledgements: The artist would like to thank Stuart Houghton (metalwork), Jason James (lighting), Andrew Jarvis (fibreglass) and Trevor Smith for their assistance with this project.

Image credit: Colin Langridge | Escape Pod (2021) | Fibreglass, stainless steel, acrylic, LED light | 200 x 80 x 80cm