Artefacts Inc.

Artefacts Inc. is dedicated to presenting the work of Tasmanian Artists and Designers working in an array of mediums

Artefacts Inc.

Artefacts Inc.
is a non profit incorporated association
originally established as a co-op in 1986
and run by Tasmanian artists.

Each of Artefacts Inc. artist is dedicated to their individual artforms. A different artist is on duty each day, so that visitors can meet the makers behind the work.

Member Artists include:

Winsome Scott : Traditional Watercolour and Acrylic Artist
Patricia Hopwood-Wade : Contemporary Watercolour Artist
Diane Brown : Glass Artist
Bronwyn Clarke : Ceramic Artist
Caz Francis : Bead  Weaver
Christian Arnold & Laurie Young : Art Glass
Christine Williams : Leather
Karen Grady : Textile Weaver

Commission Artists:

Jill Roberts :  Deeping Dolls
Dave Curran : Wood Turning
Ian Broinowski : Grinders & Handmake Books


Image Credits:
Key Image: Winsome Scott.Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.

Additional Images:
Patricia Hopwood Wade.
Diane Brown. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Bronwyn Clarke. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Caz Francis. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Christian Arnold & Laurie Young. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Christine Williams. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Karen Grady. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Dave Curran. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.
Jill Roberts. Photograph by Bronwyn Clarke.