Artefacts Inc.

Artefacts Inc. is dedicated to presenting the work of Tasmanian Artists and Designers working in an array of mediums

Artefacts Inc.

Artefacts Inc.
is a non profit incorporated association
originally established as a co-op in 1986
and run by Tasmanian artists.

Each of Artefacts Inc. artist is dedicated to their individual artforms. A different artist is on duty each day, so that visitors can meet the makers behind the work.

Artists include:

Winsome Scott : Watercolour and acrylic paintings of local areas
Diane Brown : Leadlight and mosaic mirrors, and gift items
Caz Francis : Jewellery
Dave Curran : Wood Creations
Josiane Eve : Fibre Artist

Commission Artists:

Pendlerook Deepings Dolls Hand painted turned wooden dolls
Dr Ian Broinowski : Wooden salt and pepper grinders


Image Credits:
Key Image: Caz Francis. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.

Additional Images:
Winsome Scott. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Diane Brown. Photograph by Diane Brown.
Caz Francis. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Dave Curran. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Josiane Eve. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Pendlerook Deepings Dolls. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Dr Ian Broinowski. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.
Rino Nobel. Photograph by Dennis Crawford.