Contemporary Jewellery Collective

Showcasing a comprehensive selection of original works from Tasmanian contemporary jewellers

FIND <br>Contemporary Jewellery Collective

FIND is a collective
of Tasmanian designer jewellers.

Customers can browse and buy contemporary jewellery creations while meeting the creators themselves.

Inspiration for much of their work stems from the stunning Tasmanian landscape and a great variety of materials are used and incorporated in the works, ranging from sterling silver, gold, and brass, to fabric and even butterfly wings.

Artists include:

Emily Eliza Arlotte
Karin Beaumont
Jan Barker
Sophie Carnell
Megan Dickens
Paige Fountain
Cate Lowry
Anna M Williams
Tanja von Behrens


FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective – formally theartofsilver

Image Credits:
Key Image: Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Additional Images:
Emily Eliza Arlotte. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Karin Beaumont. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Jan Barker. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Sophie Carnell. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Megan Dickens. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Paige Fountain. Photograph by Paige Fountain.
Cate Lowry. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Anna M Williams. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.
Tanja von Behrens. Photograph by Sophie Carnell.