Grace Garton

Grace Garton is a mixed media painter and doll maker.

Grace Garton

“My goal is to inspire those that view my work to discover a sense of magic and beauty in the unusual, a hint of melancholia in a world
of light and dark.”
Grace Garton

Mixed media allows Grace Garton to experiment with drawing and her obsession with texture and layering found objects, fabric and paper.



Solo exhibitions by Grace Garton at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Under the Pear Tree (2019)
Miss Garton’s Home for Whimsical Dolls (2019)
A Tale or Two from Pontville | lower midland grasslands (2018)
Wrestlers Wrestling In Boxes (2018)

Image credits:
Key Image : Grace Garton. Spotted Pardalotes (2011)
Additional Images : Grace Garton. Alice Down Under (2011) + works from Under the Pear Tree (2019)