Hammer & Hand
Metal and Jewellery Collective

Established in 1994, Hammer & Hand is a Hobart Icon : a working Metal collective with the Workshop and Gallery

Hammer & Hand <br>Metal and Jewellery Collective

Hammer & Hand Metal and Jewellery Collective
is known and loved by locals and visitors alike
for for its authentic handmade, jewellery
and metal work.

Displaying works ranging from forged iron pieces, contemporary jewellery, hand cut and set gems, stainless steel utensils and sculpture, with the emphasis on Metal, recycled or new, and always designed and made by the Members of the Collective.

Every day of the week you will find a different Member in Hammer & Hand, at the bench, working on their own creations.

Members / Artists include:

Richard Martin : Metal Sculptor
Ella Night : Jewellery made from recycled coloured anodised aluminium
Stephen Chick – Mya Wessels | S M Design : Primary medium – Metal
Bruce Pringle : Metalsmith
Jeka Kaat Jewellery Designs : Metal Artist
Vaughn Morphet : Metal and Leather
Ai Suzuki : Silversmith
David Ford : Silver and Lapidary


Image Credits: Hammer & Hand Metal and Jewellery Collective.

Image Credits for slider : Richard Martin | Ella Knight | Stephen Chick | Bruce Pringle | Jeka Kaat | Vaughn Morphet | Ai Suzuki | David Ford.