Hannah Blackmore

Hannah Blackmore is a painter, who has recently relocated to Tasmania from Jersey in the Channel Islands, UK

Hannah Blackmore

Hannah Blackmore grew up in Jersey
in the Channel Islands, UK,
and has recently relocated to Tasmania. 

“I have always enjoyed the coastal beauty of Jersey, CI, which inspired my early work, and I’m now enjoying the stunning landscape of Tasmania for providing me with new inspiration. I love painting seas and skies, rocks and trees, all of which Australia has in abundance.

I want my paintings to evoke a sense of calm in the viewer. I love to see patterns in nature and emphasise organic lines in my work. I love the colour blue in all it’s different shades and tones, so water and skies have featured heavily in my work. I am now looking at the soft blue/green/greys of Eucalyptus trees and warm sandstones and reds of Australian rocks.”
Hannah Blackmore

Solo exhibitions by Hannah Blackmore at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Solitude (2019)
Colours of Tasmania (2019)
Lost in Tasmania (2018)
Cockle Creek (2017)
Tasmanian Landscapes : A Different Perspective (2016)

Hannah was a SAC Resident Artist in Studio 242 from April 2015 – April 2019, before relocating to Studio 235 in May 2019.


Image Credit: Hannah Blackmore, New Corbiere 2