Hannah Blackmore

Hannah Blackmore is an English fine art painter based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Hannah Blackmore

“My latest body of work explores the perception of space in landscapes from different parts of the world. My paintings invite you to connect with colour and nature, and enjoy the effect they have on our well-being.”

Hannah Blackmore is an English fine art painter based in Hobart, Tasmania. Creating landscapes of the natural world, her work allows her to continually explore new places and different painting techniques, inviting the viewer to see nature in different ways.

Hannah comes from a creative family and has made art all her life, going full-time in 2015. Working in acrylic and pen and ink, her work has significantly evolved over the years since completing a fine art degree in 2000.

Hannah seeks inspiration from the environment around her, with the Tasmanian coast being a focal point. As a resident artist of Salamanca Arts Centre, Hannah’s studio is situated on the second floor. She also enjoys teaching and has a passion for helping other artists improve their business skills through her latest project, This Business of Art.

“I have always been drawn to water, having grown up on an island, and I love exploring this through my work. I find water relaxing and enjoy experimenting with different painting techniques to portray it through my work. I want my paintings to have a calming effect on the viewer, and be peaceful to live with. Art can heal, and we find ourselves drawn to the pieces we need the most.”

Using palette knives to create texture along with a technique known as scumbling, I can create clouds, skies, sandy shores and seas. I enjoy seeing the paint go on its own journey down the canvas and often stumble across areas of intrigue by trial and error, which often end up in the final piece. It has taken me twenty years to know when to stop painting, when to let go and not overwork a piece.

I am motivated by beauty, particularly in the natural world and landscape of Tasmania, and love creating joy within viewers through sharing this. The viewer must explore their own intimate connection with art and let themselves be drawn subconsciously to what they like and dislike.

Escape into calm and moody landscapes and seascapes created from memories of my travels and love of island life.

Solo exhibitions by Hannah Blackmore at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Anatomy of Life (with Renae Grundy) (2019)
Solitude (2019)
Colours of Tasmania (2019)
Lost in Tasmania (2018)
Cockle Creek (2017)
Tasmanian Landscapes : A Different Perspective (2016)

Hannah was a SAC Resident Artist in Studio 242 from April 2015 – April 2019, before relocating to Studio 235 in May 2019.


Image Credit:
Hannah Blackmore, Under a Blanket of Clouds
Hannah Blackmore, The Sound of Silence