Light Noise Films :
Brooke Stevens

Resident Artist from March 2019 - August 2020

Light Noise Films : <br>Brooke Stevens

Brooke Stevens is a multidisciplinary artist
living and working out of Hobart,
and originally from Newcastle, NSW.

Brooke Steven‘s practice spans from commercial and personal video commissions to contemporary figurative painting and written word. The work primarily focuses around perceptions of self, ambiguous forms and social identity.

Brooke completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Newcastle University, and has held solo exhibitions in both Newcastle and Sydney.

“Ideally I aim to make work that is vague and indefinite, and to find the beauty in that. I am quite ambiguous myself, so it’s a form of self portraiture I guess…”
– Brooke Stevens

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Brooke Stevens shares Studio 227 with Rosie Hastie, Cassie Sullivan and Fiona Vail.


Image Credits: Light Noise Films