Off Centre

Off Centre is a Tasmanian Arts Collective

Off Centre

Off Centre is a collective of Tasmanian Artists,
mainly functional and sculptural ceramicists,
established in 1999.

Two of Off Centre‘s partners work in different but complimentary mediums (jewellery and painting).

Off Centre offers a regularly updated display of unique works together with a  Microgallery supporting the work of local emerging artists.


Artists / Partners include:

Martin Barratt : Ceramics
Hannah Blackmore
: Paintings, prints and cards
Angela Blake : Jewellery
Kim Foale : Functional and figurative ceramics
Jude Maisch : Functional ceramics
Cherie Nicolson : Ceramics
Yulia Szalay : Slipcast Southern Ice Porcelain
Carolyn Toselli : Ceramics
Verena Truninger : Ceramics
Lisa Wise : Ceramics


Image Credit : Key Image: Slipcast Southern Ice Porcelain by Yulia Szalay. Photograph by Nicole Robson.

Image Credit : Lisa Wise