Quoll Artists’ Gallery

Quoll artists produce a range of original contemporary fine art

Quoll Artists' Gallery

Quoll Artists’ Gallery is an artist run gallery with nine members and a guest artist.  Quoll artists produce a range of original contemporary fine art including oil paintings, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, printmaking, jewellery, textiles, glassworks and hand made crafts, for exhibition and sale.

Artists include:

Sally Ferrar: Jewellery featuring wood ash, metals, gemstones, resin

Maggie Bullock: Watercolour, pastel and charcoal artwork; printed cards

Sandra Shepherd: Watercolour, ink and acrylic paintings, handmade cards and fabric birds

Deborah Barton: Acrylic paintings and recycled lamps using paint and decoupage techniques

Linda Durran: Decorative art designs including cutlery and glassware, handmade ponchos, snoods, scarves, recycled bags and zippy bags

Lisa Morgan: Watercolour, ink, charcoal/pencil, pastel, acrylics and oils; printed and handmade cards

Jeanie Edwards: Watercolour, pastel, ink and mixed media, printmaking, handmade cards and bookmarks

Jennifer Eyles: Oil painting specialising in expressive landscape of the Tasmanian wilderness

Denise Hallett: Painting and printmaking specialising in Tasmanian flora and fauna; printed cards

Image Credits: Images courtesy of Quoll Artists’ Gallery.