Rani Baker Jewellery

One of a kind pieces. Rustic Elegance.

Rani Baker Jewellery

Rani is a self taught silversmith that isn’t confined by traditional methods of fabrication. She has a passion for creating jewellery and wearable art that celebrates imperfection and is infused with symbolism and meaning.

Rani uses traditional tools and slow handcrafted methods to create one off individual pieces of jewellery with a modern ancient aesthetic whereupon marks and strikes of the hammer can be seen. She adds symbols of meaning and dot work on each piece.

Rani enjoys the contrast of working with mixed precious metals and vibrant coloured gemstones. She is inspired by the Medieval and Byzantine eras to create pieces of rustic elegance.

Each piece is filled with intention and meaning as she works the transformation of materials into amulets, talismans and power rings.

The signature logo of Rani Baker Jewellery is the alchemical symbol of Amalgamation which represents the joining of elements and forces to bring balance and unity.

She welcomes commission pieces and collaborations with her clients to create personal amulets that mark a particular transition or accomplishment in their lives.


Image Credits: Rani Baker Jewellery

Rani also sells her collections of jewellery from her Instagram page @ranibakerjewellery