Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects

Salamanca Arts Centre presents Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects, a series of installation projects by emerging and established artists.

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Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects, curated by Seán Kelly (2009 – 2016) and Colin Langridge (2017), delivers an outstanding and varied annual curated program of artists who engage with and respond to Kelly’s Garden, Hobart’s outdoor installation space attached to Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC).

The Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects program explores the most innovative aspects of contemporary installation practice with many of the exhibitions included in festivals such as Mona Foma, Dark Mofo and Ten Days on the Island, often in conjunction with SAC’s SITUATE Arts in Festivals program.

Kelly’s Garden is a high profile location, attracting many viewers, local and visiting, and is the only outdoor exhibition space of its kind in Hobart. It engages both the arts community and those who may not usually enter a gallery but are intrigued as they encounter the space, passing by regularly or occasionally, or exploring it as tourists.

Salamanca Arts Centre has developed a strategically focused program of activity that reflects innovative and best practice in contemporary art, presenting the work of emerging and established Tasmanian, national and international artists of significance.

Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects

#27  2017  Well, Hello! by Sanja Pahoki
#26  2017  SAFE by Cigdem Aydemir
#25  2016  Rite of Spring by the Second Echo Ensemble
#24  2016  For every mile I have ever flown… by Andy Vagg
#23  2016  No More Public Space, Only Public Order (Water Cannon) by Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan
#22  2015  superslow by Lucy Bleach
#21  2015  Elements of Refusal by Brendan Walls
#20  2014  Origenes (Origin) by Cristina Palacios
#19  2014  Refuge by Tristan Stowards
#18  2014  weathering heights by Selena de Carvahlo
#17  2014  Mr Peacock’s Garden by Julie Payne
#16  2014  meme ii kelly’s garden by Marie Sierra
#15  2013  Dandy Forces by Jacob Leary
#14  2013  ‘Whizzer – all my love darling!’ by Nigel Helyer
#13  2013  tonglen (I think I know what I need but I always end up with what I want) by Domenico de Clario
#12  2012  Kelly’s Garden by Liminal Studio
#11  2012  Mistress O and the Bees by Stephen Loo & Undine Sellbach
#10  2012  Porphyry’s Gnat by Elizabeth Woods
#9  2011  Sakura Polymers by Anna Philips
#8  2011  Establishing Situations: three weeks expanding a site by Jack Robins
#7  2011  The Crossing (The consequence of chance) by Julie Gough
#6  2011  Divide and Rule by Sharyn Woods
#5  2010  Carpet by Derek Hart
#4  2009  Upturns, props and portals by Bec Stevens
#3  2009  Self Portrait from Afar by John Kelly
#2  2009  Biggles, Crop Duster Pilot by Malcolm Bywaters
#1  2009  The Fall by Scot Cotterell

Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects is an initiative of the Salamanca Arts Centre assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts. The program is further supported through the generosity of Aspect Design and fundraising with SAC’s supporters (such as Quiz Night).