Salamanca Arts Centre’s Emerging Artist Scholarship

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The Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship was created in 2016 to provide immediate support to a recent UTAS graduate and offer some meaningful assistance to a Visual Artist in their first year after completing studies.

As students approach the final months and weeks of their study, it is likely that they would ask the question, “What’s next? What lies beyond formal study?”

The Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship was created in part as a response to that question, and to offer the next step, beyond graduation, to at least one deserving UTAS BFA Graduate.

SAC staff were invited to visit the Hunter Street campus and view the final works by each and every third year BFA student. Of course, each assessment will always involve a degree of subjectivity. In assessing each student’s work, I look first at the work itself, as the manifestation of an idea or concept; the physical thing is primary and must succeed on its own merits.

As part of the Scholarship, besides inclusion in the follow year’s Visual Arts Program, this initiative also supports the recipient’s practice through the provision of the Short Term Studio and assistance with the logistics of installation, marketing and promotion of an exhibition of the recipient’s work at the conclusion of their Studio Residency within Salamanca Arts Centre.

This Scholarship is an opportunity for SAC to support local Artists to engage with part of the contemporary arts community on a local and national platform, and we hope that this first step will enable an emerging artist to further develop their career.

Scholarship Recipients

Gus Howe
Nicola Glover Wallis
Julie Todd
Emma Magnussen-Reid

Image Credits:
Emma Magnusson-Reid.
Julie Todd.
Nicola Gower Wallis. Franklin Square.
Gus Howe.