Tanja von Behrens

Tanja von Behrens is a contemporary jewellery and object maker

Tanja von Behrens

A contemporary jewellery and object maker
with 9 years of studio practice
at Salamanca Arts Centre, Tanja von Behren‘s
work combines traditional Jewellery and
Silversmithing hand skills with industrially designed elements – and incorporates one-off commissions, production work, exhibition, competition and collaborative pieces.

An ongoing history of work in the tourism, outdoor and sustainable product industry has fostered a continuing interest in sustainability and product design of all kinds – and a working knowledge of the impact of well considered design on enhancing everyday life experiences. The hope is to create work that can be treasured for a long time to come – and in doing so, to consider not only the design and production and creation of the work itself – but also the social and environmental impacts of practice.

Shortlisted entrant for the Design Tasmania Awards 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Originally from beautiful Canberra, Tanja has lived in Sydney, Alice Springs, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart.


Group exhibitions including Tanja Von Behrens at Salamanca Arts Centre include:
Deconstruct / Reconstruct (2016)

Tanja von Behrens is a member of FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective at Salamanca Arts Centre.

Tanja currently shares Space 119B with the tinfoil collective : Rosie Malham and Ruth Valentine.

Previously, Tanja has shared Space 124 with the tinfoil collective : Rosie Malham and Ruth Valentine, and from 2012 – 2017 shared Space 120 with two other emerging jewellery artists – Rengin GunerJacqui Renton.  All three artists studied together under the same tutelage at the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

Image Credits:
All photos and pieces by Tanja von Behrens.

Key Image: Tanja von Behrens. The Whole Forest Floor – A collection of naturally shaped Leaf Earrings in Copper, Sterling Silver and Brass. Made for the Mid Winter Festival 2019.

Additional Images:
Tanja von Behrens. Large Lightning Storm Multi-Wear Earrings – a version of my Design Tasmania Awards 2018 Top Ten Finalist Earring Design.