stART today for Tasmania’s creative tomorrow

stART is an exciting program for children and families led by a newly formed group (ArTELIER) of multidisciplinary artists from across Tasmania who specialise in working with intergeneration groups. ArTELIER provides a new learning ecology where specialist artists are committed to exploring new ways of working with children and adults together.”
Simon Spain, Co-Director ArTELIER

Salamanca Arts Centre and ArTELIER
kick off 2019 with the exciting announcement
of the collaborative project, stART.

stART is a program of artist lead encounters connecting children, families, and young people. stART is NOT your average creative holiday workshop where young participants are dropped off and picked up after a couple of hours after getting creative with butchers paper and crayons. stART’s point of difference is that parents/guardians are also included.

The stART program has been specifically designed for both children and their parent/s or guardian/s wanting to participate together in Tasmanian artist led experiences.

As a next level creative interaction, the workshops have been designed and welcome 0-5 year olds and 6-12 year olds.
And do not despair; there is no age restriction for parents/guardians whose company is essential!

The stART program and artists have considered the needs (and ages) of both children and parents/guardians so in turn great thought has gone into the scheduling of each workshop. Every second Tuesday from Tuesday 22 February has been designed for the 0-5year olds (parental attendance essential) with every second Saturday from Saturday 2 February designed for 6-12year olds. Workshops are scheduled until May 2019.

All workshops are held at Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Oh and did we mention – stART is FREE for all!

The Tasmanian artists involved in this series of workshops include: Julia Drouhin, Lucien Simon, Bella Young, Simon Spain, Tanya Maxwell & Kirtsy Grierson, Selena De Carvalho, Leigh Tesch and Bec Stevens. Workshop details can be found on the following page.


ArTELIER is an initiative that invests in Tasmanian young people by empowering the artists who work with them. ArTELIER addresses a proven demand to strengthen professional support structures for artists committed to creating work with, by and for the Tasmanian community, primarily children, young people and their families. The trial model was co-designed with 28 cross-disciplinary Tasmanian artists in 2018 to build a network of professional inquiry across the State. 


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