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Kelly’s Garden

Once a carter’s backyard, an escaped convict’s hideaway and a drying room for apple juice filters, Kelly’s Garden is a striking venue that offers a unique urban heritage environment for contemporary sculptors and installation artists.

Kelly’s Garden is a courtyard enclosed by the three storey brick and stone walls of the old warehouses it once serviced. It is accessed via Kelly’s Lane off Salamanca Place, and has a large sliding gate with specially designed peepholes.

Kelly’s Garden has been restored to cater for a continuing program of large scale sculpture and installation works.

Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects (2009 – 2017)

Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects, curated by Seán Kelly (2009 – 2016) and Colin Langridge (2017), delivered an outstanding and varied annual curated program of artists who engaged with and responded to Kelly’s Garden, Hobart’s outdoor installation space at Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC).

Applying Now for NIMBLE : 2020 Dates

Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) announces NIMBLE, a program of support for local artists in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

We know that, as a result of the global pandemic and its social and economic consequences, artists have lost opportunities. As one way of continuing to support local artists, Salamanca Arts Centre is waiving our Venue Hire Charges for successful NIMBLE Applicants and invites Tasmanian artists to express interest in using our venues; including the Peacock Theatre, the Long Gallery and other exhibiting and performance spaces, in some way that allows your creativity to be realised in a professional space.

Find out more about NIMBLE HERE

Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) is currently seeking NIMBLE Applications for inclusion in the Peacock Theatre, Founders Room and Kelly’s Garden 2020 Calendars.
To apply for the Long Gallery please use the NIMBLE Application Form HERE.

Venue Hire Charges will be waived for all successful NIMBLE Applicants.*

The Capacity of the Peacock Theatre, Founders Room and Kelly’s Garden have been reduced as a result of Covid-19 Restrictions relating to Gatherings, Physical Distancing and Density Limits. Covid-19 Restrictions are subject to change. Whilst projects that rely on large audiences are not currently an option, the venue is ideal for:
– Rehearsals
– Creative Developments
– Live-Streamed Performances
– Film or Audio / Album Recorded Performances
– Performances or Film Screenings with SMALL Audience Size
– Workshops
– Seminars
– Art Installation (Kelly’s Garden)

Limited dates are remaining in the Peacock Theatre, the Founders Room and Kelly’s Garden 2020 Calendars.
Available dates are updated regularly.

If you require specific dates or have limited date flexibility, please confirm date availability with the Venue Manager prior to the submission of your application.

Please submit your application as soon as possible

Applications will be assessed within 2 Business Days.
All Applicants will be notified of outcomes via email.

CLICK HERE to APPLY NOW for NIMBLE : Peacock Theatre, Founders Room, Kelly's Garden

Please note: All NIMBLE Applications must be completed online. Paper submissions or submission by any other means will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@sac.org.au

ALERT ME : Next Call for Applications

Kelly’s Garden is available to hire from time to time for installations, depending on the Kelly’s Garden Curated Project schedule.

To be notified of the next Call for Applications for Kelly’s Garden, please complete the ALERT ME Online Form and you will be contacted once the next Call for Applications opens.

Please note: The Capacity of this Venue has been reduced as a result of Covid-19 Restrictions relating to Gatherings, Physical Distancing and Density Limits.  As these Restrictions are subject to change, please contact the Venues Manager via email avenues@sac.org.au for more information.

Image Credits:
Upturns, props and portals (2009) by Bec Stevens, Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects #4. Photograph by Sean Fennessey.
Kelly’s Garden (2012) by Liminal StudioKelly’s Garden Curated Projects #12.
Carpet (2010) by Derek HartKelly’s Garden Curated Projects #5. Photograph by Fiona Fraser.
Well, Hello! (2017) by Sanja PahokiKelly’s Garden Curated Projects #27. Photograph by Julian Bugden.
For every mile I have ever flown… (2016) by Andy Vagg, Kelly’s Garden Curated Projects #24. Photograph by Allana Blizzard.

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