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Peacock Theatre

Salamanca Art Centre’s unique theatre is an end-stage performance space that has been created at the foot of an historic quarry. Named after the company that produced jams and juices on the site for half a century.  The Peacock Theatre is the venue of choice for intimate live productions accommodating dance, hybrid music and film and has load-in facilities from the street.

The Peacock Theatre is a unique performance and event venue on the ground floor of the Salamanca Arts Centre. With a magnificent natural rock face as its backdrop, maximum Fixed Seating Capacity of 133 (unnumbered) seats, and an affordable price tag, the Peacock Theatre is one of Hobart’s most popular arts, and entertainment venues.

The Peacock Theatre has dressing room space for up to 12 people, a workshop, a bathroom (including shower), and a laundry. Access to the theatre workshop is possible via Kelly’s Lane. Disabled access to the Theatre is via the double doors opening from the Courtyard directly onto the stage area. Limited vehicle access to the Courtyard via Wooby’s Lane can be arranged.

In 2006 a motorised projection screen, and DLP projector were added to the theatre. In 2007 there were over 60 new theatre lights added, the audio system was upgraded, floor traps put into the stage, the stage resurfaced, and a sound lock installed to isolate the theatre from the courtyard. In 2009 a black dance surface was purchased for the theatre’s stage. In 2014 a new lighting grid was installed.


Applying for the Peacock Theatre : 2020 Calendar

SAC Assesses applications for the Peacock Theatre twice annually, with the due dates for submissions as 30 April and 30 September each year (excluding special rounds).

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for inclusion in the Peacock Theatre 2020 calendar .
So if you have a performance work
(theatre, dance, music, hybrid arts), film event, workshop, seminar, rehearsal or creative development that you would like to hold in the Peacock Theatre in 2020, NOW is your chance to submit your application!

For more information on the hire of the Peacock Theatre, please DOWNLOAD the Peacock Theatre Conditions of Hire (PDF).

midnight TUESDAY 30 April 2019

Please note: All Applications for the Peacock Theatre must be completed online. Paper submissions will not be accepted. For more details please contact the Venues Manager via email at venues@sac.org.au

Applications for 2021 onwards

To be notified of the next Call for Applications for the Peacock Theatre – including Special Calls – please complete the ALERT ME Online Form and you will be contacted once the next Call for Applications opens.

Conditions of Hire

For more information on the hire of the Peacock Theatre, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Peacock Theatre Conditions of Hire (PDF).

Venue Hire Rates

Performances & Events*
Independent Artists: $300 per day / $1350 per week
Not for Profit / Educational Institutions / Schools: $320 per day / $1440 per week
Commercial / Government Departments: $420 per day / $1890 per week

Bump In / Out Rates / Rehearsals*
Independent Artists: $150 per day / $675 per week
Not for Profit / Educational Institutions / Schools: $170 per day / $765 per week
Commercial / Government Departments: $320 per day / $1440 week


* Venue Hire Rates do not include all charges (such as electricity, additional equipment or a SAC Technician etc.).
Please refer to the Peacock Theatre Conditions of Hire (PDF) for more information and for details on all additional charges.


Please note: The Peacock Theatre Calendar for 2019 is full.

Please contact the Venues Manager via email to check the availability of dates for your event or to arrange a tour.

Seating Plan

Please DOWNLOAD the basic Peacock Theatre Seating Plan HERE.

Image Credits: Nicole Robson.

Upcoming Events

May 2019

$16 – $18

Short Laughs Comedy :
2019 Tour

2 May

Runtime: 107 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult Chortle your way through a hilarious off-kilter selection of funny shorts from across the world. This programme is a specially curated selection…

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$13 – $15

Best of Australian Shorts :
2019 Tour

3 May

Running Time: 119 min | Classification: under 15yrs to be w/adult This programme is a specially curated selection of highlights from Flickerfest’s Australian Academy® Accredited competition programmes in Bondi 2019. *This programme contains mature themes & is not…

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$20 – $25

Yoga Clowns of the Apocalypse

8 May - 12 May

Absurdist Theatre meets Junkyard Circus Three fools are lost in a dystopic world and endless yoga practice, ruled by the omnipresent goddess of destruction Kali. A world where it rains…

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June 2019


The Irresistible

13 June - 23 June

Side Pony Productions + The Last Great Hunt ‘It’s dark down there…’ An intoxicating and mysterious play about memory, desire and depravity, in the spirit of Twin Peaks and Stranger…

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July 2019


David Bridie |
The Wisdom Line

27 July

David Bridie, the prolific and respected songwriter, launches sixth studio album, The Wisdom Line. David Bridie is one of Australia’s most prolific and respected songwriters. He has produced six studio albums with Not…

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