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IMG_3588-1024x682The Sidespace Gallery is a professional exhibition space that is accessible and affordable for solo artists and small group exhibitions. This gallery is part of Salamanca Art Centre’s subsidised Access Galleries program and is offered to Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members on the acceptance of an exhibition proposal.

A quirky gallery with perfect proportions, the Sidespace Gallery is the gallery of favour for artists wishing to exhibit contemporary work in the public domain. Selected applicants are offered reasonable rates for this outstanding exhibition space. Facilities include contemporary track lighting, demountable hanging panels, lift access and a heritage servery table.


Applying for the Sidespace Gallery

The Sidespace Gallery Calendar for 2017 and 2018 is full.
SAC is not seeking any further applications for dates within this period. 

Applications for the 2019 Calendar are due midnight 30 April 2018.
The call for Applications for 2019 will open in early 2018.

Please note: All applications for the Sidespace Gallery must be completed online. Paper submission will not be accepted.
For more details please contact the Venues Coordinator.

Conditions of Hire

For more information on the hire of the Sidespace Gallery, including Venue Hire Rates and the Conditions of Hire, please DOWNLOAD the Sidespace Gallery Conditions of Hire.

Venue Hire Rates


Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members:
$65 per day / $280 per week


CLICK HERE to view the available dates in the Sidespace Gallery Calendar.

Please note: The Sidespace Gallery Calendar for 2017 and 2018 is full.
SAC is not seeking any further applications for dates within this period. 

For any other queries in relation to the Sidespace Gallery, please contact the Venues Coordinator via email.

Image Credits: Osmosis (2010). Photograph by Fiona Fraser.

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January 2018

Clouds of a Chaotic Sky

6 January - 22 January

An exploration of the sublime, ephemeral beauty of clouds. Lie on your back and observe the shapes drifting through the sky. Imagine the weight of the billions of droplets of water suspended – a blanket, saturated and heavy, slipping between forms, amorphous and ever changing. Claire Pendrigh’s exhibition Clouds of a Chaotic Sky is an exploration of the sublime, ephemeral beauty of clouds. The exhibition takes its name from a cloud state that can be observed regularly in Hobart; “Altocumulus…

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26 January - 5 February

Exploring the moments of stillness on the boundaries. An exhibition by Stephen Firth, of work from 2015 to 2017. “I have always been interested in how one feels and responds to being on the edge of a space or structure – whether natural or man-made structures. There appears to me to be occasionally a level of tension occurring in some circumstances, while more often the circumstances seem to provide a simple tranquillity, of stillness, especially in the presence of water.…

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February 2018


7 February - 20 February

A unique visual perspective on the fascinating and scientifically important specimens in the CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection. In 2016, SAC Resident Artist Phillip England undertook an artist in residence placement at the Hobart CSIRO Marine Laboratories to photograph, using the antique collodion tintype process, specimens from the Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC). Collodion tintype photography imbues subjects with a mysteriousness that parallels the cryptic, rarely seen nature of the marine organisms inhabiting Australia’s waters. The technique was practiced in…

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23 February - 6 March

Papyro is a collective of five artists based in Hobart, brought together by serendipity but now fused together by their shared learning experience and love of paper. Papyro comes from a Latin word meaning in or on paper. Featuring works by: Miranda Rogers Eun Ju Cho Nicole O’Loughlin Audrey Durbridge Sara Pane This collective of artists are primarily printmakers and drawers, but are also sculptors, writers, historians, scientists and environmentalists. The themes they work under can differ widely but their love…

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March 2018

Remote Lands

8 March - 13 March

Drawings by Raymond Dean, from his recent journeys through the world´s harsh and remote regions. This exhibition of selected drawings by Raymond Dean are of journeys through some of the world´s harsh and remote environments and landscapes on the margins of human habitation, and were done between 2006 and 2016 while traveling alone through remote parts of Asia, Europe, Morocco and South America. These include the regions of high mountains and deserts of Central Asia, Tibet, and Morocco, far northern latitudes…

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Carbon Landscapes

16 March - 26 March

Carbon drawings of emotive Tasmanian landscapes This collection of landscape drawings is Martin Rek’s first solo exhibition and his introduction to Hobart as an emerging Tasmanian artist. “For me, drawing is the purest form of expression where focus can be given to subtleties of light, texture and tone without distraction of colour” – Martin Rek Originally from the Czech Republic, Martin now calls Tasmania home and has found inspiration amongst the rugged and evocative Tasmanian wilderness. Martin often thinks of…

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